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Date Type of service Preacher Leader Book Ref Subject/Description Youtube
14 Aug 2022 Holy Communion Steve Finch Steve Finch View Download
7 Aug 2022 Morning Worship Alison Mead David Pearson View Download
31 Jul 2022 Baptismal Service Nick Rowan Nick Rowan Luke 12:13-21 Not mine all mine - God's all God's View Download
24 Jul 2022 Holy Communion Ann Gentry David Pearson Colossians 2:6-15 Make sure you are rooted in Christ View Download
17 Jul 2022 Morning Worship Nick Rowan Sue Waters Colossians 1:15-28 Jesus gives meaning to Creation View Download
10 Jul 2022 Holy Communion Steve Finch Steve Finch Colossians 1:1-14 It's all about Jesus don't get distracted View Download
3 Jul 2022 Morning Worship Sue Waters Nick Rowan Galations 6:1-11 Let God sow good things through us! View Download
26 Jun 2022 Holy Communion Alison Mead Steve Finch Galatians 5 Know the truth - bear the fruit! View Download
19 Jun 2022 Morning Worship David Pearson Katie Chapman Ephesians 5:21-6:4 Fatherhood involves mutual submission View Download
12 Jun 2022 Holy Communion Nick Rowan Alison Mead Romans 5:1-5 Triune God - Father, Son and Spirit View Download
5 Jun 2022 Morning Worship Steve Finch Nick Rowan various Pentecost & Jubliee - Not recorded View Download
29 May 2022 Morning Worship Ann Gentry Nick Rowan Acts 16:16-34 Times for praying, waiting and acting View Download
22 May 2022 Holy Communion Steve Finch Alison Mead Acts 16:9-15 The need to share Jesus View Download
15 May 2022 Morning Worship Sue Waters Katie Chapman Acts 11:1-18 Tune into God View Download
8 May 2022 Holy Communion Alison Mead Steve Finch John 10:22-30 Know, Hear & Follow Jesus View Download

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