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For many years young couples have enjoyed making their marriage promises to one another within their local church at Hawkwell. God our Creator has given marriage within His overall purpose for Humanity, so people of all degrees of belief are welcome to marry in their parish church. 

What begins as an enquiry can develop into as much as you want to say to God, in thanksgiving for the love you have found, and to want to know more of Him, - all of which is meant by 'We want His Blessing on our marriage'.

The Marriage Service:
A wedding in church benefits from history and content as well as atmosphere and celebration. The nationally used Common Worship Service is a modern ceremony retaining the format and rich meaning in which, for centuries, couples have come to make their wedding promises to one another; in the presence of your family and friends, and seeking God's blessing. The 45 minutes of a Church wedding ensure that we have time for an unfolding programme, in which first explanation then your promises, with your choice of hymns,and then later prayers all combine to provide the couple with support and understanding as you step into your marriage. The Rector and his team will have prepared the couple through a group wedding seminar, and with a personal rehearsal in church on a weekday evening before your, normally, Saturday wedding. We trust that our staff share the joy & happiness of you and your family on the day, in a way that will truly benefit you and help form your happiest of memories

Our Churches:
St Mary's is a medieval church building in its atmospheric rural setting on Rectory Rd. This 100 seater church is both intimate and light & bright. Moreover, it is carpeted and has modern - chair seating too. All of which contributes to the wider experience of your Special Day.
Emmanuel is larger with a very modern 200 seater interior. It is especially light and spacious, with its amazing handcrafted 3-D tapestry Cross. It is also carpeted with modern - chair seating and has a creche facility adjoining the church area.

Who Can Get Married Here?
One or both of a couple must be resident in the parish, be a worshiping member of the parish or have a qualifying connection with the parish.

The Parish Boundary Roads are as follows:
Woodlands Rd - odd numbers only
Ashingdon Rd - odd numbers only 127- 463

For a full list of roads in the parish see below.
Roads in Hawkwell Parish

If one or both of you has been married before and divorced then you will be invited to meet with the Rector first.

Banns of Marriage
Banns are the public announcement in church of your intention to marry and the opportunity for anyone to speak up if they know a reason why this would not be legal. It is a legal requirement for banns to be read 3 times in the parish where each party lives as well as the parish in which the wedding is to take place during the 3 months preceding the wedding. In certain circumstances you will need to be married under Common Licence. The Wedding Team will explain this procedure if it applies to you.

What Does it cost?
Fees are made up of two parts; those set by the diocese and those set by the local church and these are readjusted each January. Contact the church office to get an idea of the latest fees. Fees include the use of the church; the reading of banns in this parish, minister, organist, verger, car-park attendant, wedding certificate, registers and other admin.

How to Book:

If you are interested in booking a wedding at Hawkwell please first contact the church office 01702 543514 to make an appointment. At that meeting we will agree a date and time, usually a Saturday, suitable to you and to the Church and the minister. It is important to agree this with us before you book your reception. Couples usually find out available dates for their reception and come with some options. Sometimes it is possible to make a provisional booking which can be confirmed or changed once you have booked the wedding. You will be asked to bring proof of your identity and address, and qualifying link where appropriate, fill out a form and pay the deposit to book your date. We will then explain the procedures, discuss all the details and answer any questions that you have. About 3 months before your wedding we will arrange to see you again to book the dates that your banns will be read, pay the balance of the fees, choose your hymns and music, and finalise any other details.

The Rector: Rev'd Canon Nick Rowan
Nick will normally officiate at all weddings in the parish. You will meet him on your Marriage Preparation Day and at the rehearsal.

Marriage Preparation:
Marriage is a very important step in your lives and, therefore, we are required to provide Marriage Preparation for couples being married in Church and you will be asked to attend when you book your wedding.  A wide range of topics are covered from budgeting, listening and communication skills to the meaning of the vows that you will make to each other.

Rehearsal: The rehearsal is usually held a couple of days before your wedding day. The bride, groom, best man, bridesmaids and whoever is giving the bride away should attend.  The clergy person will take you though the service and also use the opportunity to get to know a bit about you and let you get to know him. You should bring your video licence, if applicable, and Banns Certificate(s) as appropriate.

You have the option of the ancient St Mary's Parish Church or Emmanuel Church which is a larger building with more modern 200 seater interior. It is especially light and spacious, with its amazing handcrafted 3-D tapestry Cross. It is also carpeted with modern - chair seating and has a creche facility adjoining the church area.

Qualifying Connection:
One of the couple must fulfil at least one of the following criteria:
1. Baptised in the parish
2. Confirmed by the parish
3. Parent or Grandparent married in the parish
4. Has lived in the parish for at least 6 months
5. Parent has lived in the parish for at least 6 months during your lifetime.
6. Parent has regularly attended worship in the parish for at least 6 months during your lifetime.

Away Banns:
If you are being married elsewhere but need your banns to be read in Hawkwell please contact the Church Office. They will contact the Rector to him to make an appointment with to you to fill out the necessary form and arrange how to pay the appropriate fee. You will need to bring proof of Identification, preferably a passport and proof of your address.
You should hear your banns read at least once as it is your responsibility to ensure that they are read properly. You can collect your Certificate on the Sunday after the 3rd reading.

All other details will be provided when you meet with the Rector.

Hawkwell Parish Church Office,
St. Mary's Church, Rectory Rd, Hawkwell,
Essex, SS5 4LL

Telephone - 0I702 5435I4

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We are committed to ensuring that St Mary’s and Emmanuel, Hawkwell are safe places for all.
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