Whilst giving is often referred to in Financial terms this is clearly only one way for you to give to God and your fellow humans. There is giving of our time and giving to others your care and concern which is a large part of the Gospel message.  We have a page on our web site on Volunteering which you might like to also visit. It can be found here. Below we list details on the Financial side of giving.

We encourage church members, in accordance with scripture, to tithe their income for giving towards the work of the church locally, and charitable work within the UK and Overseas. The church then further tithes the monies received between our 5 main Supported Missions.

Giving Scripture

Our mission is to take the good news of Jesus to Hawkwell and around the world.  Every penny we receive goes towards making this mission possible.

Ways to give financially:

Financial Giving Response FormFinancial Giving Response
Bankers Standing OrderBankers Standing Order
Gift Aid Declaration FormGift Aid Declaration Form

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We are committed to ensuring that St Mary’s and Emmanuel, Hawkwell are safe places for all.
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